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Smart Cities are no longer a futuristic dream of science fiction writers but they are emerging as a reality in research labs, industry, and, increasingly, in everyday life. This REU Site project aims to educate and inspire undergraduate researchers to address the challenges of building intelligent, safe, and secure Smart Cities with a focus on mobility. The project will have broad impacts on both the participants and society by advancing research in this area and by expanding and strengthening the STEM pipeline by recruiting students from a diverse range of backgrounds. This project’s main goals are two-fold: to accelerate advances in Smart Cities and to point students toward research problems that are not only interesting but also critical to society as guided by their faculty mentors at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. These overarching goals are also synergistic with the Nevada-South Smart Community Vision with its stated goals of increasing public sector efficiency, facilitating economic growth, and improving citizen quality of life through mobility/transportation, livable communities, energy efficiency, and public safety. Through the project’s research and co-curricular activities, we aim not only to train undergraduate researchers in specific skills but also to broaden their world view and inspire them to engage in research that will solve the most challenging and critical problems facing us as a discipline and as a global community.

Brendan Morris (PI)

Sarah Harris (Co-PI)

Smart Cities Program

  • Stipend: $6,000
  • Air Travel Support: $500
  • Housing on UNLV Campus
  • 120 meals at the Dining Commons